Decentralizing Energy

Produce clean energy. Mint Virium tokens.
Decentralizing Energy

Technology for decentralized production of

energy from wind, solar, and biomass

Universal Problem

Universal Problem

Underprivileged communities and remote dwellers face critical challenges from the absence of basic utilities, leading to expensive, polluting energy use and limited internet access that deepen socioeconomic gaps. These barriers restrict educational and economic advancement, hindering societal progress, and often create dependency on external aid.


decentralized production

Decentralized Solution

Virium provides technology for decentralized production of energy from wind, solar, and biomass that would otherwise go to waste. The solution leverages blockchain to incentivize and empower local Virium Miner operators, thus fostering initiative and economic autonomy. The approach contributes communal advancement and self-determined development.


From Consumption to Production

Virium represents the shift from energy consumption to production. It rewards those who take initiative and champion a cleaner future.

Decentralized Energy

Energy sector is dominated by corporations and monopolies. Virium provides an alternative.

Rethink Crypto Mining

Unlike classic cryptocurrency mining, Virium  mining does not consume electricity – it produces it!

Powering and Empowering

By enabling local energy production and trade, Virium empowers people and communities.

Virium Architecture

Introducing pivotal components of Virium’s architecture:

The Miner

Consolidates various power sources and supplies clean energy.

Biogas Reactor

Converts biomass and waste to combustible gas.


Produces carbon-neutral energy from syngas.

Heat Capture

Stores waste heat and provides heating or cooling energy.


Rewards Virium Miner operator with unique digital currency.

Virium Technology

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